Ronnie Smith


Saved on Good Friday 1993 at First Baptist Church of Plainville, IL
Called to preach in January 1995
Preached his first sermon in March of 1995

Ronnie is a graduate of the Baptist College of Florida. He has also studied at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, The Stephen Olford Center for Biblical Preaching, and Amsterdam 2000 in the Netherlands. He has served as a Senior Pastor, Minister to Students, Associate Pastor, Minister of Evangelism, and Staff Evangelist. He has a heart for the local church which is God’s plan “A” to reach the world. He has a deep burden for revival in the local church. He has preached hundreds of revival events in a total of 17 states. He has also done ministry in 7 foreign countries (Holland, B. C. Canada, Haiti, Burkina Faso, India, Romania, and El Salvador).

Ronnie has worked in the hunting industry for Mark and Terry Drury and Mark Scroggins. He is a gifted game caller and outdoorsman. His motto is “Growing in Christ to Go for Christ.” He has harvested wild turkeys in eight different states. He is married to Delana and they have five children: Noel, Josiah, John, Justin, and James. He spends his time preaching in the local church, preaching and teaching internationally, and reaching out to lost hunters through Sportsman Banquets, tracts, and revival meetings.

Ronnie shares his testimony on Must Have Outdoors: